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2 januaryr 2011

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun and the Magic Subterranean Labyrinth (video)

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30 December 2010

 The world of The pyramids more




22 November 2010

 Board of Directors of „Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation, during it’s meeting on October 28, 2010, made the following decision: 

Foundation will organize second 


Date: June 5, 2011 – September 11, 2011 

Organizer: „Archaeological park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation, first non-profit NGO in Southern Europe registered by Ministry of Justice for archaeological research and cultural heritage protection. 

Co-organizers: Visoko Municipality, Regional Tourism Board Zenica, NGOs from the Town of Visoko 

Participants: 500 volonteers from 30 countries and six continents 

Summer Camp Management: (1) Project leader dr.sci. Sam Osmanagich, (2) Leading archaeologist dr. Sara Acconci, (3) Field supervisor Admir Tatar 

Expert team: Archaeologists, geologists and other international experts from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Malaysia, Hungary and other countries. 

Archaeological locations: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, Underground Labyrinth „Ravne”, Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, Underground tunnels „KTK”, Vratnica tumulus. 

Acommodation: Provided by Foundation free of charge in Visoko’s motel: „Piramida Sunca” in the rooms with four beds. Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are provided in the motel also with no charge. 

Insurance: All volunteers are insured during their stay in Visoko. 

Tools: Foundation will provide tools, equiment and safety equipment. 

Shifts: Volunteeers will work in 14-days shifts (two weeks) as folow: 

1st Shift: June 5 – June 19; 2nd Shift: June 19 – July 3; 3rd Shift: July 3 – July 17; 4th Shift: July 17 – July 31; 5th Shift: Julu 31 – August 14; 6th Shift: August 14 – August 28; 7th Shift: August 28 – September 11. First day and last day of every shift is Sunday. Volunteers arrive to Visoko on Sunday afternoon, and depart on Sunday morning. Sunday is day off, as well.

Volunteerism: All volunteers, according to the Bosnian law, sign the Volunteering Contract upon arrival. Total working hours is 36 hours per week (6 days @ 6 hours). Volunteers are to paid Visitor tax apon arrival @ 1,5 KM per day (total 21 KM or 11 EUR). Management can exceptionally prolonge stay to experts and volunteers over 14 days. Volunteers should be over 18 years and they are responsible travel expenses. 

Goal: Giving volunteers from all over the world opportunity to work on one of the most exciting projects in archaeology under expert supervision. Foundation keep it’s project open to all god-intentional people combining the science, new discoveries, culture and tourism. All participants will experience the natural beauty of Bosnia-Herzegovina and hospitability of locals. 


Through the Application Forms from the offical web site: Application Form



1 November 2010

Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon - Report

Archaeological Report for Sonda (trench) # 20
on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon
prepared by Italian archaeologist Dr. Ricardo Brett
who worked this season (july-September, 2010)
with nine archaeologists, geologists and
archaeology students from Italy, Spain, France,
United Kingdom, Croatia and Bosnia
and group of 39 volunteers from 15 countries.

Read Report (Dowload PDF 2MB)



28 October 2010

Video: Piramides de Bosnia





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Google Earth software (Windows & Apple) can be downloaded for free from here . You can use the software to open the following links to explore the pyramids in Bosnia’s Valley of Pyramids via your own personal computer. Make sure that your Terrain Option is ON

Please Save (Right click, Save As) these files to your computer and open them by using Google Earth.

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (Download File) 3D Model
Bosnia’s Valley of Pyramids
(Download File)Detailed Map layer

Temple Of the Earth (Download File)
Bosnian Pyramid Of the Dragon (Download File)
Bosnian Pyramid Of the Moon (Download File)
Bosnian Pyramid Of Love
(Download File)

Map Of Bosnia









29 November 2009

PROJECT NAME: International Summer Camp for Volunteers: „Bosnian Pyramids 2010“

INVESTOR AND ORGANIZER: Non-profit NGO „Archaeological park:
Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun“ Foundation, registered for archaeological
research and cultural heritage protection by the Ministry of
Justice of Bosnia-Herzegovina
PARTNER: Town of Visoko, NGO „Citizen's Forum“ Visoko, Tourism
Board of regional Government from Zenica

DESCRIPTION: Foundation will organize first International Summer Camp
in Bosnia after the war (1992-1995)

LOCATIONS: (1) Archaeological locations of the Bosnian Valley of the
Pyramids where the permmits have been issued: foothill of the northern
side of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, western sections of the Bosnian
Pyramid of the Moon, tunnel that will lead in the center of the tumulus
in Vratnica, KTK tunnels and Ravne tunnels; (2) Other sections
important for the touristic infrastructure (access to the pyramid
sites, stairways, wooden handrails, parking lots, etc.)

GOALS: (1) Speed up the archaeological work; (2) Improve the
touristic infrastructure in order to get it rerady for the
archaeological tourism
DURATION: Summer camp will start on June 1, 2010 -September 30, 2010 (122 days)

SHIFTS: There will be four shifts:
June 1 – June 30,
July 1 – July 31,
August 1 – August 31,
September 1 – September 30

NUMBER OF VOLUNTEERS: It will be up to 200 volunteers per shift.
Summer Camp will be open for volunteers who want to come for a
less than 30 days (for example, weekend, one week, 10 days, etc.)

already shown, the volunteers will be coming from several
countries: Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia,
Malaysia, Bosnia, Holland, UK, USA etc.
AGE: Minimum age is 18 years.

SCIENTIFIC LEADERSHIP: General manager dr. Sam Osmanagich,
leading archaeologist M.Sc. Mislav Hollos (Croatia);

SCIENTIFIC BOARD: Egyptologist dr. Nabil Swelim (Egypt), archaeologist
dr. Mona Haggag (Egypt), chemical engineer dr. Muhamed Pasic (Bosnia),
geophysicist dr. Oleg Khavroshkin (Russia), historian dr. Hassan Saady (Egypt).
SUMMER CAMP MANAGEMENT: Experienced Summer Camp leader and Advisory Board
ACCOMMODATION: Army baracks in Visoko (one building and several tents).
APPLICATIONS: Starting December 1st, 2009 via e-mail:




Semir Sam Osmanagic inviting volunteers for summer 2010 12 october 2009



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Google Earth in a action - Grid in Atlantic Ocean

24 february 2009


People are intrigued by the origins of the Bosnian Pyramids and Mr Osmanagic's work. A couple of weeks ago

Mr Vedran Košta (Dubrovnik, Croatia) got in touch with Osmanagic and claimed that traces of an apparent civilisation found at the bottom of the ocean could be Atlantis.


GoogleEarth coordinates 31°48'39.60"N, 23°41'31.88"W

Blocks of Bosnian Pyramid 13 february 2009

Builders of the Bosnian pyramids used a cement-like substance to help build the ancient structures in the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids, according to the Kemal Kapetanovic Institute from the University in Zenica, Bosnia Herzegovina.The Institute has published the first results of archaeological samples taken from a number of locations in the Bosnian valley of pyramids.The builders behind the Bosnian pyramids made their own building materials and a type of ‘concrete’ to create the architectural forms found in the valley. The institute’s findings suggest that the builders used gravel, available in quantities at the time, which they bound together using various natural materials. Professor Muhamed Pasic from the Kemal Kapetanovic Institute said that the builders understood the properties of clay, including its elasticity, hygroscopicity, and that lightly baked clay mixed with water possesses binding properties. Other materials they used included a lime hydrate, which was used to bind the grains of gravel.Prof Pasic explained that the builders would make a gravel-like mix which included gravel, binding materials and water. This was mixed at the site and the substance poured between the slabs at the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun to ‘fix’ them into place.The gravel-like material that they made the pyramid from is reminiscent of today’s machine-mixed cement but is much stronger.The samples of these substances, taken from the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids, will also be sent for analysis to some of the leading institutions in Europe and America.




Presentation in London UK 28 July 2009

Union Jack

Slide-illustrated Lecture

by Sam Semir Osmanagich 
Monday 10th August 2009 at 7.00pm



Semir Sam Osmanagic, Bosnia Valley of Pyramids

17 March 2009



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Egyptian Expert links ancient Bosnians to Bosnian Pyramid 15 November 2008


A small pyramid for science, a big discovery for the Bosnian Pyramids 29 Sep 2008

An archaeological site in Donje Mostre, in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramid, has unveiled a Neolithic artefact that has been dated to 6000-3000 BC. The discovery was made by students of the German University of Kiel on September 23, and was announced by Zilke Kujundžic, who is actually one of the main opponents to the pyramid project, having filed numerous petitions for the work to be stopped, claiming the entire project is a hoax. We need to specify she actually labelled the object a pyramid.
The small ceramic pyramid – in some reports also referred to as a benben stone, because of apparent visual similarities with such stones in Egypt – is a major discovery, showing that local people, millennia ago, created ceramic objects in the shape of a pyramid. One can only wonder why, noting that Donje Mostre is also the location where giant rectangular stone blocks have been found, some of which are definitely manmade.



Nevertheless, being the extreme (one might argue irrational) critic she is, Kujundžic has refused to admit she might be wrong, stating that the find is “not related” to the nearby pyramids. Meanwhile, Kujundžic was also accused of not having shared the discovery with the local Visoko museum. It is no doubt divine irony that some of the best archaeological evidence for the reality of the pyramids, has been unearthed by one of its fiercest opponents. Philip Coppens


Others about Conference in Sarajevo 11 September 2008

That heavyweights of archaeology had concluded that the structures near Visoko were manmade, is actually old news – announced to the world in 2007, after a visit to the “Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids” by Dr. Nabil Swelim. Unfortunately, hardly anyone in the West has taken note of this

Philip Coppens link

Egypt has the largest pyramid, but Bosnia's is the highest! 26 August 2008

Sarajevo Hotel Grand
This week experts from around the world have arrived in Bosnia to participate in the first International Coneference about the Bosnian Pyramids at Visoko. More than 120 people attended the conference on day three to hear experts presenting their arguments to answer questions surrounding the disputed Pyramids in Bosnia. Although a team has been excavating the site for the last three year it has only 'scratched the surface' of the pyramid's true nature, according to a number of the experts. Scientists in the fields of Geolgy, Archaeology and other sciences will work together to provide answers to these questions. At this stage, no tools or artefacts have been found that replicate discoveries in other pyramids around the world. Egyptian experts are comparing this project to Henry Carter's explorations. Having spent three years digging without any success, he found nothing. But Carter was lucky because he had access to rich Egyptian archives that helped him enormously. In the case of the Bosnian Pyramids, German archaeologists have found evidence of continious life at Visoko Valley including settlements of 10,000 people dating back some 6000 years. In bosnia, we do not have any archive against which to compare modern discoveries so the task is more complex. The APBPS Foundation announced that this confernece will occure every 2 years from now on and it hopes that Sarajevo will become the world center for exploring pyramids around the world. Experts from China and Egypt also gave presentations about pyramids in their native countries.




The First International Scientific Conference 25-30 Aug 28 July 2008

Prograom (PDF)


Work on top of Bosnian Pyramid of Sun 16 July 2008

Royal Town of Visoki
The summit of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is home to the Royal Town of Visoki which was last inhabited in the 14th century. Following the Turkish invasion, this town was burnt down and today there are few traces of it.
Little national importance was attached to the site, including from the Ministry of Culture, until Semir Osmanagic presented his plan to protect this area and all other cultures of which traces have been found here (including the Romans and Ilirians).
It is commonplace to find a range of different cultures on ancient pyramid sites. For example, in South America churches were built on top of pyramid structures.

Images of the site (Facebook) Credits To Miralem Prijic.




Documents published by Archaelogical Park Bosnian Pyramyd of Sun By Andrew Lawler, BA (Hons) Cantab

14 July 2008

Excavation of side tunnels so far (PDF)

Handbook (PDF)

Report on the Excavations Undertaken (PDF)








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Map Of Bosnia's Valley of The Pyramids
Map of Visoko Valley



Tunel Ravne skica
Tunel Ravne interactive map