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1 July 2011

Support from Portugal


I am just no one, a simple Portuguese citizen, I am no archaeologist, or scientist or what so ever, i am just a normal average citizen.

The idea of pyramids and the misterys surrounded, always fashioned mankind, I love to read about this subject it start to be my obsession , my way of relax maybe. Someone like me that never study this subject, realize that what we been told, about Egyptian pyramids, about evolution of mankind, someone that just dig a litle deep, realize all they been told is just lies from arrogant selfish egocentric fool's, that just care about their image, on their own scientific or archeology communities.
So if the pyramids are tombs, why only in central America they ever find a dead body? Why in any case they never find one mummy inside any of the Giza platou pyramids? They keep say that pyramids are just tombs for the dead pharaohs, and their base is only upon a graffiti they find on top of the last relief chamber of the name Khufu! That could easily been forged! And they based their theories upon that. People like Zawi Wahass, that don´t allow for any means to know the truth, not even allow any non destructive methods af analyzes or scanning in the pyramids of even under the Sphinx! Just imagine if they really found a Wall of records, with the history of civilization or any lost knowledge, when you can even find in youtube a video of him show a hidden tunnel on the back of the Sphinx that could easily be explored and he just don´t allow!!

Well i am just say this, because few days ago I see this sensational new about the discovery of the Bosnian pyramids, and this really make me happy to know that in fact civilization can really evolved much earlier they what we learn in school, that in fact the pyramids could be much more older then 5000 years like the scholars say, and that theories like the ones from Robert Bauval and Graham Hancok, could in fact be the true ones.

I just hope that you never stop this quest for showing the truth to the world, and that in fact you may never stop your works and excavations, am really happy to see the enthusiast, and to see that you guys can´t get easily dominated for international authorities or political interest's! If you ask for donations for your quest's I will be happy to help, if possible i would love to let go all my life and just go to Bosnia to help myself on the excavations!

Well my real intention of this e-mail was just to show you guys, something that make me sad, I make a search in Google for "Bosnian Pyramids" and what i find in Wikipedia make me really sad, is shame to see how all powerful organizations try to discredited your work, and the evidences you already show to thel world, the Prof!

Is just blind ho don´t want to see!

Best Regards

Luís Nogueira, Portugal







1 May 2007

Dear Editor,

The valley of the pyramids in Bosnia gets some careful attention in the Belgian press. My book, HET DARTIS MYSTERIE (The Dartis Mystery), is responsible for this. I hope that the entire archaeological team finds it fine to hear this.
I am very proud to tell the journalists that pyramids are found in Bosnia.
Pay attention: I do not write “maybe pyramids”. I am, as it happens, convinced that the team is digging up a new phenomenon that will surprise the world.
When interviewed, I lay the emphasis that all information that is written in my book, concerning the discovery of pyramids in Bosnia, comes from, for which my thanks once again.
I like to thank Mr. Osmanagic for his collaboration. He gave me the authorisation to use his real name in my fiction thriller. Mr. Osmanagic knows what he is doing, and I support his vision.
My book is (provisionally) only in Dutch available. For this reason I give along, in a couple of senses, what is written in my book concerning the valley of the pyramids.
My book tells a story that starts in august 2006 and ends on 21 December 2012 (the galactic phenomenon and the end of the Mayakalender).
The real facts concerning the discovery of the pyramids are true written, as far as 2006. Then my vision comes (the fiction). In 2012, a secret chamber is found in the pyramid of the sun, with a lot of mysteries in it. Further research shows that also under the ground a much more fantastic mystery is hidden. Is there any connection with 21 decemeber 2012?…
A final word. To everyone who is reading this: Keep this Internet site in the front view! Keep the valley of the pyramids in the very front view. It is the only way to sit on the first row for a tense and real non-fiction adventure!

Greeting from a satisfied author. I’ll keep my eyes open!

Bart Mertens




17 September

Hi there!!!

Looks like things are really shaping up for Sam. I never doubted he was right about this one!!!
I just wanted to say that I have a Thread on www.Physics called "Bosnian Pyramids" that I started
back in April 06 when I heard about Sam's work. (its locked for the moment )
My thread has had about 7000 visitors since I started it so you guys are very popular out there!!!
In my thread I mentioned how dating the pyramid structures is not very hard since you can see that
they have been covered in a meter of debris and that they have been mis-shapened by what appears to be
a large amount of very deep and fast moving water.
This would suggest that the structures were hit by an Ice Age Flood from the ice sheets to the north of them.
The waves from these MEGA FLOODS can travel over 1000 miles on land... and I think this is what has
helped to cover and change the shape of the pyramids. In fact they were probably under water for quite a while
during a period between 12,000 bp and 10,000 bp.
I was an archaeologist for 12 years under Dr. Charles Borden in British Columbia, Canada. Although I have commitments
this year to fulfill I still totally support Sam's adventure and have been doing so on the web and in my writings etc...
We only have to remember that a "pseudo-archaeologist" discovered TROY in Greece under a shapeless
hill using his imagination and previous writings by a fellow named HOMER!!
Why the "international community" cannot see what is obvious is beyond me. So, I'm letting Sam continue to fill me in on the
progress in Bosnia rather than expect anyone else to tell the truth about his incredible and beautiful discovery!
Take good care... all the best,



20 August

Dear Sirs,

I have a passionate interest in early history and the development of mankind. Over the years, it has become a great
disappointment as I learned more about the dismissive and often aggressive way alternative theories to our origin are
dealt with by established histroical, archaeological societies and individuals.

It is with avid interest I am following the pyramid excavations. Once the excavations are finished and the finds are
documented, I cannot wait to see what explanation the closed minds of so called experts will come up with to tell us why
these pyramids don't exist.

I cannot express how exciting it is to see something so big and so obviously out of context in our understanding of our
ancestors it just simply cannot be ignored. I am hoping this will be the start of opening minds to the fact that we may
have it all wrong and we need to rethink how the evidence we have fits together.

The people digging on these sites may be portrayed as mad believing there is something buried here. But our history has
been shaped by people like Isaac Newton, Paracelsus, Wright brothers and many more who were looked upon as mad in their
time but made some of the most signifiant discoveries in recorded history. Without people that will challenge our way
of thinking by their passionate belief in something different, we will never gain knowledge or progress as a species.
Our doom is in the closed mind.

My best wishes go to all who have worked on the excavation and encourage them wholeheartedly to ignore the negative
press. There are many people who support and applaud your work and wish they were there with a trowel and brush!

Best regards,
Ian Paterson




Dear friends,

I have been interested in the alternative history of our world for long time, as I believe the history of human kind was very different (and more fascinating) from what mainstream historics say. I am sure there is some important truth hidden in our past and we are on the verge of discovering that - something we have forgotten and something we need to discover in order to survive as a species and to move to new level of development and consciousness of the human kind. Recently, new and new discoveries have indicated that the history was different and that at the moment we are able to see just a very small part of the whole picture.
I find your project fascinating and I try to read all available information about it (especially on ). I just want to tell you that I keep my fingers crossed and I believe that there will be such discoveries at Visocica Hill, which will make mainstream scientists start changing their minds and which will actually start a revolution in the way we view our history.
If I were not married with nine month old baby I would immediately apply for becoming a volunteer in Bosnia. But I have to care for my family and I cannot do this at the moment. So I just want to support you morally and if it is possible to get more information about the works at your place I would appreciate that a lot.

Best regards

Petr Kucera
Czech Republic



You claim having discovered 3 pyramids in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Visoko,
and even gave them names in this early stage of excavation (‘Pyramid of
the Sun, Pyramid of the Moon, Pyramid of the Earth’).

I read you have been studying pyramids in Africa, Asia and in the
America’s for 15 years. This is why you should have seen that these
Bosnian ‘hills’ are not pyramids. If you had taken a closer look at the
topographic picture on your own website, you could have remarked that
the ‘hills’ _emerge out of the surrounding hill-landscape_. True
pyramids are always built _on flat surfaces_, to avoid the layered
structures from sliding downwards. In my opinion, the Visoko-‘hills’ are
the typically cone-shaped remains of old, non-active strato-volcanoes,
covered with vegetation in the course of time.

You say the ‘Bosnian pyramids’ are 12.000 years old, that is about
10.000 BC. So, they were built at the very end of the last Ice Age in
Europe (part of Pleistoceen period). It seems impossible to me to make
such mega-structures in sub-zero or in low temperatures. I also strongly
doubt that in such climate and at that time, the local population could
provide sufficient individuals (‘labourers’) for such projects. At
10.000 BC, there weren’t even big cities yet (the oldest known city to
date is Jericho, 7000 BC). All true pyramids were built in the vicinity
of cities.

The stone-slabs, -blocs, etc. found on the ‘Bosnian pyramids’ and shown
on your website are in my opinion not articulated, nor cut by humans. I
belief it’s possible that some ancient structures were made on the sides
of the volcanoes, built with stone-slabs, -blocs, etc. that were
transported by ice and left behind when the ice retreated. But massive
pyramidal constructions such as the Giza and the Mexico pyramids won’t
be found in Visoko.

I don’t understand why your reconstruction of the ‘Bosnian Pyramid of
the Sun’ is a copy of the Mexican Pyramid of the Sun ? There is no
connection at all between the ancient civilisations of Mexico and
Bosnia. You dated the ‘Bosnian pyramid’ at 10.000 BC. The Mexican
pyramids only go back as far as the 2^nd century AD. Your reconstruction
shows a ‘pyramid’ in Visoko as modern as the Mexican pyramid of the Sun,
while there is a time-difference of approximately 10.000 years,
impossible !

In my opinion the tunnels in the Visoko-‘hills’ are remains of old

To me, the migthy Mexican Teotihuacan Pyramids of the Sun and Moon are
the only true ones !


Ronald Anckaert.




14 June 2006

Hello, I live in Canada and have been following this story on this website
and two other sites for the past couple of months. I am a Civil &
Environmental Engineer and can not believe the conclusions that supposed
professionals have made stating that what they have seen looks natural and
is not man made. I only need to see a few photos in your gallery to conclude
that there is definitely an ancient man made structure being uncovered. I
would hope that people will allow the excavation for this season to be
completed before they make statements about what is there. I think we could
use alot more people like Semir to open the eyes of the establishment and
get them to look beyond what they have been told or read in a book. I think
it is time for a big paradigm shift in the way we look at our ancient
history and pre history. I really hope that this discovery will begin the
process and get the current generation of professionals to question our
existing theories of ancient cultures and civilizations.


Martin Walterson C.E.T.


I just wanted to write to the team there and congratulate them all for their
persistance. I am an amature archaeologist who is studying anthropology. I
am very sad to see how quick people are to discount any finds regardless of
how large or small that someone like me makes. Unless you have "LMNOPQR"
like MA. BA. Ph D behind your name no one believes you have any form of
natural intelligence or knowledge that may lead you to look at things with a
new point of view. My university has been emphasizing having an open outlook
on learning and being open to a new hypothesis but if it goes against the
grain of any of the other "established" views then you are cast as an idiot
or an upstart. Please don't give up on your dig, I wish I could be
there....just think what we would have missed if Howard Carter gave
up....and they all called him a nut too.
Many Blessings and Happy Digging!

April Lewis



2 June 2006
We went to discover Hidden Bosnia

On 22nd May a group of nine aerospace engineers from the Dutch Aerospace Company Stork Fokker visited the location of the Pyramid of Sun at the Visocica Hill. The group reviewed the publications about the Bosnian Pyramids and the satellite imagery before their trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The approach and climbing of the pyramid left profound impressions of the pyramid's astonishingly colossal dimensions. Once atop the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, the contours of other pyramids were clearly visible. The view of the valley as well as other mountains and the sight of the capital Sarajevo in the distance were breathtaking. This resulted not surprisingly in majority of photographs shot from the very top. Thank you for your information on the site, It was big help to get to know area before we got there.
Faris Ustamujic

(your image of the week)

Hi Editor,

I am Hungarian and I have just came across your latest article about ancient writing inside of the tunnel of pyramide. I have been very surprised when I saw your 1st photo with these letters. Two (or three) of them are represented even in the ancient Hungarian runic writing .("ec" and "ej") which is considered a form of Turcic runics. I have attached a file about the Hungarian (Szekler) runic alphabet (read it from right to left) (

Best wishes:

Szabolcs Molnar

Hungary, Gyula

Letter to Mr Mark Rose 11 May 2006

Dear Mr. Rose,

I've read your article "The Bosnia-Atlantis Connections" where you name our research Project "farce" and "claims that are completely unsupported with any kind of factual evidence".
Unlike you, I'd rather hear both sides and, if possible, visit the archaeological site before making such a brave statements.
I'll be more than happy to be your personal guide and give you a tour of the pyramid walls and underground tunnels so you can witness "factual evidence" and "artifacts" first hand.
Best regards,

Sam Semir Osmanagich M.Sc., B.Sc.Ecc., B.Sc. P.Sc.
Chairman, Board of Directors
Archeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation





Dear Editor,
As a fellow student of Atlantis, I have been interested in your work on this pyramid for about a year.  I am pretty confident that you have found a Humongous Pyramid.  The time-frame for Atlantis has always been in doubt.  Herodotus reports that the Egyptians say Atlantis existed 9000 years ago… and then he reports, but only 1200 years before the Trojan war.  At face value, I wouldn’t take the Egyptians word for a time-period.
Greek Mythology appears to begin after the Santorini flood, or 1628BC.  The story of Myrina conquering the Atlanteans, would seem to be after this date.
 Before this date, Egyptian hieroglyphs are found on Crete.  The earliest story of Egyptian Contact with Greeks appears to be Sesotris, who apparently goes to Thrace around 1900BC.
Plato’s story contains the term “Tyrrhenian Sea”.  Tyrrhenus fights Aeneas in Italy, after the Trojan War.  The term did not exist before this.  The Argonaut story, 50 years before the Trojan war uses a different term… “Trinaerian Sea”.  It would appear that you have found a pyramid in exactly this area.  This would seem to offer some hope to your theory.
The pyramids in Egypt seem to be carbon-dated to 2700-2500BC.  The pyramids in the canaries date to exactly this time-period as well.  As this is sort of in the middle, my first guess is these pyramids will date to this period of time.  Who knows though.  Maybe you did find something older.  Maybe you did find the origin of the people who built the Egyptians and Canary Pyramids. 
Good luck with the excavation.
Richard from Boca Raton, Fl





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