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Local Town gets behind Pyramid excavations 27 Jan 2008

The large Conferenec room of the City Hall in Visoko was filled to overflowing last week as 250 people from Visoko came to find out how the Pyramid
excavations at Visoko Valley will change their town. Semir Omanagic, who is heading up the project, talked about how the excavation work has progressed during the last three years and how jobs and income could be created by the project.

As well as presenting the work done to date on the excavations, Osmanagic discussed media interest in the excavations and growing support for the project which, he believes, will result in the world's biggest pyramid being confirmed at Visoko Valley.

He compared restoration work at Visoko to the work done by Mexican experts on the Toutihucan pyramid. While the project will take time to develop, it will bring regional economic benefits, said Osmanagic. The meeting was broadcast live on local television.

However, the Foundation Archaeological Park Bosnian Pyramid Of Sun that is responsibly for the excavation work is also facing its own difficulties. This includes changes in local laws that have made it more difficult for the excavation work at the Bosnian Pyramid of the sun to continue.

However, the Foundation will work with other cultural organisations to help to preserve Bosnian culture and history. One of its projects is the search for the grave of the Bosnian king Kulin Ban which is believed to be in the Visoko area.

The Foundation's work will continue during the winter months, clearing tunnels and strengthening them. The tunnels currently being explored lead inside the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, says Osmanagic. The Foundatiom believes these tunells are several kilometres long and that most are under the town of Visoko city and coneect all three pyramids.

Osmanagic wrote three years ago that these tunnels represent one of the most complex structures on the Planet Earth. To get the full picture of Who, When, and how these pyramids were built will require several decades, in order to put all the jigsaw pieces in place. He believes that the pyramids will show that intelligent human life existed in this region earlier than offical history is telling us.

The Foundation is open to all experts of orthodox science or alternative scientists, and asks that people who are coming to work at Visoko to

announce themselves to the Foundation and to share their findings with them.

The Mayor of Visoko was also at the meeting. He announced that the city of Visoko will give financial support for this project and will work closely with the Foundation. A new infrastructure will be introduced, including tourist offices, signs, parking, camps for visitors, information points (different languages), and offical tourist guides. The citizens of Visoko want hundreds of experts, students, lecturers and volunteers to come to Visoko to work on this project.


Ancient pyramid found in central Mexico City 28 December 2007

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Archeologists have discovered the ruins of

an 800-year-old Aztec pyramid in the heart of the Mexican capital that could show

the ancient city is at least a century older than previously thought. (REUTERS)



Semir Osmanagic talks about year 2007 @ Visoko 27 December 2007

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Listen to former BBC radio presenter Guy Leigh interviewing Dr. Nabil Swelim about the progress on the survey of The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun . 15 December 2007

Radio interview astraeamagazine




Winter at Visoko Valley 25 Novemberr 2007

Bosnian Pyramid of The Sun

Photo credits to Archaelogical Park APBS



Images from Bosnian Pyramid of The Moon 25 Nov 2007

Link (pdf)



Bosnian Pyramid of The Moon 23 October 2007

Work at Visoko Valley is in full swing, foundation will not have a break during a winter time. They will carry on to catch up with a work bacause they lost time this spring while they been waiting for permissions. Foundation at the moment is digging at new 6 locations at Bosnian Pyramid of Moon





Vratnica Site at Visoko 14 October 2007

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Images from Visoko Valleys link 9 October 2007




Winter is coming 2 October 2007

Bosnian Pyramid of The Moon

Digging sites are going to be covered during a winter time.




Bosnian Pyramid Of The Sun August 30, 2007

Stone found with an inscritptions

Bosnian Pyramid of The Sun

Photo Credits to Foundation Archaeological park Bosnian Pyramid of The Sun




Volunteer At Visoko 29 August , 2007

Volunteer Ramiz Prijic who was in touch with us last year. This summer he went has volunteer at Visoko and he send us some images.

Bosnian Pyramid Of The Moon August 21 August, 2007

Excavations are fully underway at the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon. This selection of images from the site show how the work is progressing.The images include what appear to be manmade paths and steps at a depth of several feet. images


Bosnia’s pyramids are real, say experts 2 September 2007

Experts from Egypt have, for the second time, confirmed their belief that Visoko Valley is home to the biggest pyramid in the world. Speaking at a press conference in Sarajevo today, Sunday, the specialists said that the work now would begin into finding a place in our history books for these pyramids.Dr. Nabil M.A. Swelim from Egypt said, "This is an unbelievable discovery! It will take some time in order to understand the mystery of these amazing stone structures and how they have been built." He said that the pyramids remind him of the Red Pyramid in Egypt. Currently, our knowledge and understanding of pyramids around the world is limited but this recent discovery in Bosnia will play its part in shedding more light onto pyramids and their use – something that is still not clearly defined. Prof. Dr. Mona Fouad Aly, head of the Department for Archaeological Conservation at Cairo University, and Prof. Dr. Soleiman Hamed El Heweli, an expert in the field of Pharaonic periods, also expressed their opinions about the archaeological location in Visoko, Prof Dr. Mona Fouad Aly said, "Everything we have seen confirms the fact that the structures are the results of human intervention. Of course, more research, fieldwork and laboratory analysis will be necessary to ascertain who, when and why built these pyramidal structures. I have already taken several samples from different locations in Visoko to submit to our laboratory and will inform the Foundation APBPS about the results." Dr Soleiman Hameed also supports the Foundation in its ongoing work to uncover the secrets of Visoko Valley – but expressed the need for patience as it will take time and effort to do so. Looking ahead, however, this work could put Bosnia on the map of the world for the significance of this discovery.

  Dr. Nabil M.A. Swelim from Egypt If you can't see video clip (click here)


Egyptian Scientist return to Visoko 31 August 2007

A group of leading experts on the Egyptian pyramids is visiting Bosnia and the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids for the second year. The scientists are visiting the site with the backing of the Egyptian Government and the Egyptian Ministry Of Culture.The group will spend around two weeks in Visoko, exploring the archaelogical sites in the valley. Dr M Fouad Ali, one of the group's leaders, said that the team will assist the Foundation in developing a plan to take forward the excavations in Visoko. One of the first sites visited by the group was the Ravne tunnel complex. Archaelogist Dr Soliman Hamid (University of Cairo), and part of the group, said that, if it is proved that the labyrinth of tunnels that the group saw at Ravne does in fact lead inside the hills towards the pyramids, then that will be a big step in proving the hypothesis that these are manmade tunnels linked to the pyramids. He added that the group acknowledged a number of similarities between the excavations at Visoko and the pyramid complex in Egypt.

Egyptian Experts

Photo credits to


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