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Tunnel excavation underway 12  March 2006

Excavation work in the main KTK tunnel is progressing. The entrance to the tunnel is about 1km away from the Pyramid of the Sun on the bank of the river Bosnia. Local people are helping to excavate the tunnel and so far they have cleared 35m in the direction of the pyramid. Experts at the Foundation believe that the tunnel
is the main entrance to the pyramid and that it is connected to other tunnels in the region. The Foundation believes it will take until
the end of the year to clear the KTK tunnel into the pyramid. The tunnel is being secured with timber beams so that tourists can, at a future date,
explore the tunnel themselves.


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Work underway in tunnels 31 December 2006

The foundation is currently finalising preparations for further work (February 2007) in the KTK tunnels (map of KTK tunnel)
(a nick name based on the nearby leather factory called KTK VISOKO).
So far the excavators have identified three branches of the tunnels, one of which is over 100m long, 2m wide and 2m high.
The entrances to the two other tunnels were found leading off from this main tunnel. All the tunnels are well ventilated with good levels of oxygen and a draft that makes the air breathable. It is understood that the first 10m of these tunnels were used in the past by the former Yugoslavian army.

Geo-Radar imaging is ongoing at the site to locate possible chambers and hallways inside the pyramids.(image)



Photo Credits to Foundation Archaeological Park Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (APBS)


"While working in the tunnel, we recently discovered huge sandstone monoliths with some symbols engraved on one of them," said
Mr Semir Osmanagic. Symbols, something like arrows and some also looking like today's letter "E" Osmanagic said, were probably letters of an ancient writing system.
The sample pictures of the symbols discovered in the tunnels under the local Visocica Hill were sent for further analyses to Egypt. An expert for ancient letters and languages, he said, should join a team of Egyptian experts, expected to arrive soon in Bosnia
(Middle of June) and examine findings.



15 April 2006 15.00 hours (GMT + 1 hour)

Expert Team which was doing mapping of underground maze of tunnels under the
Bosnian Pyramid (entrance place Ravno) of Sun is found that tunnel contains ventilations which are placed every 30 meters. Team also took sample of the rocks which will be send on the further scientific analysis. excavations



Amer Smailbegovic , comments after exiting tunnel

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Tunnels have been discovered during the excavation work. The maze of tunnels is several kilometres long including junctions.
Similar tunnels and chambers have been found in pyramidal complexes in Egypt and Mexico.

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Map Of Bosnia's Valley of The Pyramids
Map of Visoko Valley



Tunel Ravne skica
Tunel Ravne interactive map