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Radio interview –Semir Osmanagic 30September 2006 listen

Today at the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon

25 September 2006

Work at Pljesevica Hill revealed more stone tiles which are covering the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon.




Digging at location No. 20 (see images) is the most visited by tourists at the moment.



Possible Pyramids in Croatia 22 October 2006

In the next week, work at the Visoko sites will end for the year. Foundation APBPS is in the final stage of its planned work this year and is closing all excavation sites to protect the work done so far.During this past week experts visited the site from Belgrade (University of Mining and Geology).Although work on the external excavations will stop for the winter, work will not stop completely as it will continue inside the tunnels. Teams of geophysicists from Germany are arriving next week to map the tunnels.The Foundation will soon start work – potentially with the museum in Pula (Istria, Croatia) -on the potential Pyramid location in Istria in Croatia.The Foundation has also started excavation work at the Vratnica Site, north of Visoko, which is considered to be another potential site of a pyramid.The Foundation has found the same signs and letters at Vratnica as those found inside the tunnels under the Bosnian Pyramid of The Sun. A human footprint, similar to that on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Platou, has also been found at the Vratnica Site. Volunteer Email 14 October 2006Dear Editor,After I contacted you 2-3 weeks ago, and you sent my details to the
Foundation so I could come as a volunteer, I said I would keep in touch when
I come to Visoco.I am here now for 3 days, working as volunteer at the North side of the
Pyramid of the Sun.
I am having a very good time, and am very convinced it is definitely a
manmade pyramid. I have also visited most of the other sites, and they are
very convincing for an ancient unknown civilisation.I took many pictures, and when I am back in Holland I can send you some if
you like for the website.Keep in touch.Best regards,Evan

Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon (Steps) 7 october 2006

Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon (Pljesevica Hill), video showing steps.

If you can't see video clip (click here




Egyptian expert backs pyramid project 13 September 2006

Egyptian expert Dr. Ibrahim Aly has leant his support to the archaeological project currently underway in Visoko, to prove the existence of a pyramidal complex at the site. In a report by the Federal News Agency (FENA) “So far there is more than enough evidence to show the need to be able to carry on further work on the site.”He also commented on opposition to the project from the archaeological world. “It’s normal that big projects like this attract opposition from the scientific community.“Scientists and others must understand that all pyramids around world are not the same shape and not made of the same material. Builders of these pyramids are not the same and their intended use will vary.He added, “ABPS is going in the right direction and should not give up on this project just because some of the experts at home are not in favour of it. APBS’ professional work and scientific approach is bearing fruit. Science is a non-stop battle to find the truth based on actual evidence. Bosnia’s Valley is worth further exploration.”Expert from Egypt is giving full support to this project and he see that Bosnia need to have Institue for archaeology.Ibrahimt Aly was sent to Bosnia by the Egyptian Government on the recommendation of Dr. Zahi Hawass He is the third expert from Egypt to give full support to his archaeological project.




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BOSNIAN PYRAMID - The first European Pyramid discovered in BOSNIA





Map Of Bosnia's Valley of The Pyramids
Map of Visoko Valley



Tunel Ravne skica
Tunel Ravne interactive map